DVD Review: Spanish Chainsaw Massacre

Rating: 4/10

It may be only 50 minutes long, but this low-budget effort certainly makes an impression. Mixing the very broadest of comedy and exaggerated characters with over-the-top gross-out FX, it’s like an ultra-violent Comic Strip Presents skit. Having pissed off their management, a supremely talentless and obnoxious metal band called the Metal Cocks are packed off on a tour which comes to an abrupt halt when they get a flat just outside a village full of insane cannibals, who have their way with the greasy, lardy head-bangers in grisly fashion.

What ensues is an orgy not just of blood but of flatulence, defecation, dick jokes, pube spanish-chainsaw-massacre 1jokes and more flatulence. There are multiple castrations, an entrail-eating competition and several brutal bludgeonings, all enacted by gurning and repulsive characters. The filmmakers seem to be going for an early Peter Jackson laugh-or-puke vibe, but there’s not enough – or any, really – plot or wit, and the movie quickly becomes a soggy mess of supposedly shocking images. By the time you get to the bit where they punch a hole in a pregnant woman’s stomach and rip out the foetus, you’re so numb they might as well be flogging a dead horse. Still, there’s no denying that Spanish Chainsaw Massacre has a certain grotesque energy and it can’t be accused of skimping on the gore. Who knows, it might even seem quite funny after a glass or two of tequila. It would just be nice if all that ketchup had been spiced up with some kind of coherent, thought-out satirical purpose.


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