DVD Review: Red Vs Blue Season 11

red-vs-blue 1Machinima phenomenon Red Vs Blue returns for an eleventh outing, and this time the ill-fated grunts have crash-landed on a remote alien planet, where the two teams set up separate camps and are then left with nothing to do but get on each other’s nerves. Actually, that’s not quite fair – the long-suffering Washington tries to fix the radio and keep his team in check, the depressed Caboose gets himself a pet attack droid called Freckles, and Sarge – who seems to be growing more senile and unreasonable by the minute – discovers a passion for interior design.

At first glance Red Vs Blue can seem like a bit of a one trick pony, getting repeat laughs from the incongruous sight of the heavily armoured marines losing it, falling out, bickering like children and being prone to all kinds of foibles. But the show’s writers keep the wisecracks coming thick and fast, and the tone of the humour – knowing, wry, with an undertone of existential melancholy – is very cool and engaging, reminiscent at red-vs-blue 2times of the old John Carpenter classic Dark Star. Plus, as well as the various absurdist situations which occur, there’s a slow-burning plot of sorts which eventually erupts in a genuinely exciting way. All in all, a season that should delight fans and promises plenty more enthralling colour-coded misadventures to come. 6/10

7 mins of jokey extras with the Red and Blue teams. ~ A brief (5-min) but interesting behind-the-scenes, in which the creative team discuss their approach to the series, and you get to hear the actors speaking in their normal voices. ~ An audio commentary with the writer/director and cast, with some technical chat about making the show and using graphics from Halo. 7/10


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