DVD Review: Detectorists Series 2

Starring: Toby Jones, Mackenzie Crook

detectorists s2 1There’s a soothing familiarity to the second season of this Bafta-winning comedy. Yes, as we pick up where we left off with Lance, Andy and co, it’s the next best thing to slipping into a hot bath. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t a few storm clouds gathering. Never in very rude health, Lance’s love life is in the doldrums, while Andy is stuck with being a house husband since he’s unable to find a job as a newly qualified archaeologist.

The story arc Mackenzie Crook has written for his own character this time round is perhaps the least interesting strand of Series 2, and this reflects a slight change of emphasis, away from the two leads onto the other members of their local metal detecting club. It’s these colourful misfits who get the funniest scenes in this second outing, especially bluff ex-copper Terry (Gerard Horan) and the hilarious duo of Russell (Pearce Quigley) and Young Hugh (Divian Ladwa).

Compared to the first season, the scripts feel a little under-written, with some recycling of old jokes (the return of Simon and Garfunkel), and the main story strand, to do with a young German looking for a downed German bomber, seems somewhat undernourished. But Series 2 still delivers the goods when it comes to its feeling for the English countryside and eccentricity and the relaxed chemistry between its cast. 7/10

Very nice 32-min featurette with the cast and crew on location during the filming of the club rally sequence. The show’s producer talks about the genesis of the show and its appeal to Britain’s hobbyists, and we also hear from the likes of Quigley and Ladwa, who seem eerily like the characters they’re playing. 8/10


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